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What is a radioactive element? - (Jul/25/2008 )

Can spontaneously from the radioactive elements within the nuclei emit particles or rays, the energy released at the same time, this phenomenon is called radiation, a process called radioactive decay. The nuclei of certain substances can occur decay, emit invisible We also feel, can only use special equipment to detect the rays. The material of this nature is radioactive.

Containing radioactive elements (such as U, Tr, Ra, etc.) of the radioactive mineral called minerals.

Atomic number 84 in the above have a radioactive element, atomic number 83 in the following certain elements such as K, Rb, also radioactive

Radioactive element is a radioactive element collectively. That technetium, and Po Po, and the periodic table of elements polonium after all. All these elements have radioactive isotopes, so named.

German chemist M. H. Klaproth discovered uranium in 1789.

The Swedish chemist I. J. Pui-Cornelius found thorium in 1828.

At the time, uranium and thorium only be seen as a general heavy metals.Until 1896 the French physicist H. PayPal can be found radium of radioactive uranium, and the 1898 M. Curie and P. Curie discovered polonium and radium, the people became aware of this kind have radioactive elements, and have found other radioactive elements.

The first application of the radioactive element is the area of medical and watches industry. Laser radiation with a strong cross-cutting skills, was found soon become an important tool for the treatment of cancer; compact salt in the dark luminous, for the Tu-luminous dial.

Later, the radioactive elements have been applied to in-depth material life of mankind in various fields, such as nuclear power plants and nuclear ships used nuclear fuel, industrial, agricultural and medical use of radioactive marker compounds, industrial flaw detection, logging (oil), food processing and treatment of cancer By the use of radioactive sources, such as certain.


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