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it will be three years now - what should I do? (Jul/18/2008 )

hi, I don't know from where should i start.. I am very depressed right now, but whenever it happenes this forum surely helps me alot, thanks everybody for being there.
I am working in a very good lab from last three years, I joined here in a project just after finishing my masters. when I joined i was completely novice to research and I learned everything here. As I said this is really one of the best lab as it publishes science and nature. After finishing one year of project I went to a small lab in some university to ask for a PhD position, that PI assured me that I'll get the degree there, but when I talked to my boss, he said don't go there and appear for the current institute's exam, I left that opportunity and appeard in the exam in which I couldn't get through . Then I went to my boss and asked for the reccommendation.. he said its ok.. you attempt the exam again... you'll surely get through and if it doesn't happen then I'll get you registered. I again appeared and again failed.Then he said ok you wait for six months... now I am waiting and he's extended it for one month more..... in all this... I didn't apply anywhere else... coz everytime he used to say it will be done don't worry.... now it will be three years... I've learned alot in this lab...from genomics to proteomics, but I don't have any publication. I really wanted to do PhD but now I feel if i'll start it now.. when will I finish it?I don't know what should I do... should look for other options or should wait? Its just I dont want to regret in future... thats why I am waiting... coz neither he's denying nor he's doing....or may be he's doing ...i don't know. All my friends who came with me have left for other places.. I kept waiting... and still waiting.I dint know PhD will become so difficult for me.


I was in a very similar situation. Only worse, because my boss wasn't the kind of prodigy your is. My name appeared in a publication, though. It was quite ok for some time, but... I don't want to go into details, but after three years I've resigned, and yes, I am starting all over, and yes, I am going to do good science, howgh, using all the experience I've gained. But well, your lab seems to be so much better, so just one month of waiting is worth it...
And I am scared, too, that future employers will see me as old. Not so talented. Or something.
I still have ideas. I'll bite my way through and watch them squeak tongue.gif
I don't know if you have to get him to a serious talk? Maybe he is so occupied with other things he doesn't see that. Seems like a busy guy... I'd still wait that month...


You certainly are not going to get a PhD without being in a program. You need to start looking around elsewhere. There is no harm in applying to other programs and at least having the option of going into a program elsewhere. With a master's degree and three years experience in lab work you really shouldn't have trouble getting into certain programs. Also, by not applying anywhere else your current boss may not be taking your desire to get the degree all that seriously. Once he sees that you are willing to go elsewhere and are ready to move forward in your career he may start working a little harder if he wants to keep you. I really mean no offense but it's time you take control of your own future and career rather than waiting for your boss to pave the way for you. Besides, this doesn't sound like a boss you want for a PhD advisor. Do you think you would ever graduate if it is taking this long for him to get you into the program??? Seriously, it's time to get on the internet and look at different programs and the different labs in those programs. You may just find something better!