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Confirming published methylation primers - (Jul/17/2008 )

I have had very little luck designing methylation primers for the gene I am woking on. I have found several papers with good results testing just this. I would like to use the primers described in the papers but I would like to verify the DNA template of these primers is in fact present in the gene in question. I have the gene sequence and I went to MethPrimer which gives the associated bisulfite primer sequence to the entire gene sequence. The primers listed in the papers I found are not contained in the bisulfite primer sequences in MethPrimer for the gene in question. Does anyone know a good way to figure out the DNA sequence used as a template for a methylation primer found in a paper? I hope this is not a silly question.





If you want to test that the primers from the article match the gene in question try in methblast:

It´s the page I usually use to confirm my primer designs.

Hope this helps,