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Trizol extraction - (Jul/11/2008 )

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TRIZOL is light sensitive and is often stored in a dark-colored, glass container covered in foil. It must be kept below room temperature. When used, it looks exactly as if it were cough syrup, bright pink. The smell, more specifically, the smell of the phenol and guanidinium thiocyanate, are extremely strong. TRIZOL works by maintaining RNA integrity during tissue homogenization, while at the same time disrupting and breaking down cells and cell components.
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QUOTE (wuxx0153 @ Jul 18 2008, 01:49 PM)
What we do is adding another phenol:chloroform step (using low pH phenol), and LiCl clean up.

Sometime we don't even need DNase our RNA.

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so you do the phenol: chloroform step to the clear phase that is removed, or to the pink/protein phase?


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