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Some questions I need help with - (Jul/03/2008 )

Hi guys, Need some more help...

Based on this diagram I need to answer some questions :

1) name the outgroup.... I think that would be FISH?
2) Draw a solid line around a monophyletic clade....I am having trouble with this one...
3)List the shared derived characters in order of evolution leading to humans.
Would it be : leg, metabolism, hair/fur, thumbs,tail loss, bipedal ???

4)Name 2 organisms showing analogy or convergent evolution and explain your reasoning.

Would it be cheetha and manx cat? i am not sure if it is that and how to explain it...

My main problems are Q 2 and 4

Well thats all the questions i have for now :oops: Kindly help me trying to learn as we go smile.gif


This should have been in the homework forum!!!

Mono means "one" can you see any clades with no branches?

Convergent means coming together... there are two instances of one trait on the tree, anything beyond those points will be convergent. Hint- you were half right.