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Filamentous structure observed in E.coli LB medium - (Jul/01/2008 )

I am growing E. Coli cells in LB medium for 8hrs at 37C after which OD reaches 2.3 , which is good. But I also observe macroscopic filamentous structures floating in the medium.
Though I have repeated runs, I am unable to identify source of contamination which could be either fungal or filamentous phage. I would really appreciate any thoughts on this.



Sounds fungal to me but does it really matter what it is??
Chuck it out and start again smile.gif
I would make a completely new batch of LB, and probably streak out my E.coli onto a fresh plate to start from also.
Most likely cause of contamination is poor aseptic technique (sorry!), but I would also clean and sterilise all of your pipettes and equipment etc etc, just in case any of these are contaminated.

good luck smile.gif