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Can anyone recommend a good IgG Ab for negative control for ChIP? - (Jul/01/2008 )

Hi, can anyone recommend a good IgG Ab (Rb and Mouse) for negative control in ChIP? I would expect no band detected after PCR amplification from ChIP samples mixed with IgG. I am using IgG from Santa Cruz, but I can see weak bands by PCR after ChIP... Thank you very much!



I'm also interested: we tested Vector laboratories in real time PCR: the Ct are around 32 so it's good but we have nogoog reproducibility (we make the IP in quadruplicate and it varies a lot, which is not the case with other antibodies for which the quadruplicate are good)


I am using the upstate (now millipore) Anti-rabbit IgG antibody, and I use it with mouse cells. It seems to work pretty well most of the time for me. I used qPCR to evaluate. However, I have had some experience with that Ab varying a bit from lot to lot, although if you get a bad lot they will refund or exchange pretty quickly.