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does growing at 35c or 39c have an impact on ecoli growth ? - is a +-2c range too big for growth or neglible (Sep/15/2004 )

How variable is the optimum growth temperature for enteropathogenic bacteria like e. coli? are they all fixated at 37?


E. coli grows without problem (in my experience) up to 40 deg. Of course, at lower temperature, the growth speed is decreased.

For the optimum 37deg is a safe assumption considering E.coli primary environment is mamalian gut, but the optimum temperature probably varies between strains. You could probably measure this making growth curves at different temperatures.

However, since most of the incubators I have been working with until now had temperature variation well over +/- 2 deg, I wouldn't be too worried about this kind of variations.

Hope this helps


yes, its true the variation in growth temparature has direct affect on the optimal growth,
what you can do is u do a series of growth experiments in different temparature inducbations with your strain of E.coli to know the optimal temparature.
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