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design of experiment - software for designing experiments (Jun/25/2008 )

anyone ever hear of this software programme?


QUOTE (calpol @ Jun 25 2008, 05:43 AM)
anyone ever hear of this software programme?

laugh.gif We can fire all darned PIs. laugh.gif


No, can U tell?

-Bungalow Boy-

thats a bit of an overview... a new postdoc in the lab had mentioned it before... she used it for defining parameters for "spray-drying" , i think the programme investigates the effect of changes in parameters on the outcome, as far as i am aware. I presume it gives predicted outcomes based on previous experiments... or it can be used for troubleshooting... I am not really sure what it does to be honest though huh.gif


U can visit these links


hi buddy~~
i think u mean expert design....
i can try to visit to have a look on details of this software