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Analyzing microarray data: a tool for annotations and grouping genes? - (Jun/12/2008 )


I'm analyzing microarray data from yeast. We used to have geneSpring that can group genes (we find interesting) based on GO terms or function or some other specification. Is there a freely available tool that can do that?


R and the bioconductor - not a band, but a great language and set of tools for microarray analysis.



Many free tools can do GO analysis such as this one

You can find more by googling with "gene ontology analysis".

To use these programs, you need to get a list of genes from your microarray data such as a list of genes downregulated by certain treatment and use the list as input, these programs will tell you what GO terms are over- or under-represented in the list. Different programs may need different gene identifiers, such as gene symbol, unigene id, refseq id, etc.