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Proliferation assay with Click-iT Invitrogen - (Jun/10/2008 )

Hey all

Does anybody work with Click-iT from Invitrogen? It's a proliferation assay that uses a Flow to confirm proliferation and cell cycle.

I used EdU for proliferation and 7-AAD for cell cycle.

Can someone give me some tips?




I've seen a couple people having trouble with this kit, myself included. I'm finding that GFP expressing cells have a much higher background staining but don't seem to stain positive for incorporation. My asynchronous, non-expressing control is perfectly stained with low background in the non-Edu control. However, my GFP non-Edu control stains higher and the Edu incorporated don't stain above background (only the GFP positive cells). Needless to say, I've been very disappointed with this kit and I think they released it too quickly. I called technical support (twice) and both times they couldn't help me. Said the kit was just too new.