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hCG and ovulation - (Jun/09/2008 )

Hi there,

I thought hCG was only produced via syncytioblast cells hence only present if conception has occured-then why does it say in the book/manual clomiphene may be used in conjuction with human menopausal gonadotropin injections (containing FSH and LH) to stimulate follicular development. hCG may then be used to trigger ovulation"

soo im confused...r they injecting hCG into the human? if so how does it trigger ovulation as i thought the point of hCG was to maintain the corpus luteum to increase prog. levels hence maintaining the corpus luteum would not allow another ovulation to take place?




From the little I know, there are three main types of "gonadotropins" in the human. hCG is just one type and you are correct in your understanding of its source and function. However, FSH and LH are also considered gonadotropins, so in short you answered your own question.