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drugs supllier, please - (Jun/08/2008 )

Hi friends

could you please help me to find companies that could provide me with the following drugs excl.gif
1- Cisplatin (chemotherapy)
2- Doxorubicin (chemotherapy)
3- Phenobarbita
4- Paracetamol
5- Vitamins (A, E and C) for research porposes so they should be in pure form.

Best wishes


Do you have a hospital at your research facility? We are hooked up with the hospital to get controlled substances. Other than that I would have no clue, sorry.


try this link


hi of course we have a hospital at our research facility
Actually I am Phd student and am going to study the effects of those drugs on some cell lines and for in-vivo studies also. My supervisor asked me to look for these drugs to arrange ordering them I did some search on internet and I found cis and doxo but unfortunately I did not finde pheno and paraceta. Plz any kind of help will be great to me
thanks sad.gif



I use paracetamol too for my in vivo research. I get mine from Fluka, which is a subsidiary of Sigma.

Hope this helps!