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About R28 cells culture - (Sep/11/2004 )

It seems that R28 cells(a kind of retinal cells) without transfection have G418 resistence?
Have anyone met the same problem?


how much G418 are you using? They could have some "natural" resistance, depends on what's your dose?
Also, if they have been sitting in culture side by side with transfected lines- unlikely but possible (happened in out lab) cross-contamination can occur. Check for plasmid by PCR?
Also, someone earlier had the same problem with cells that they got from someone else- maybe you don't have all the info?
Hope this helps


I cultured them for G418 death curve firstly without any plasmid transfected. G418 cannot kill those cells even in a concentration of 1400ug/ml!
So the only reason perhaps is that the cell is a gift from other labs. sad.gif