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PVY western - (Jun/03/2008 )

hi all, does anybody know about the antibodies for potato virus Y.........
i ve transformed some plants with PVY coat protein gene and want to go for western, but could not find any

please help
and also if anyone can send me the following research article
"Potato virus Y coat protein gene induced resistance in valuable potato cultivars
Authors: R. Józsa; Z. Stasevski; I. Wolf; S. Horváth; E. Balázsi
Source: Acta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica, Volume 37, Numbers 1-3, 26 June 2002 , pp. 1-7(7)
Publisher: Akademiai Kiado



i'm not familiar with those antibodies. if you want to request a paper go to the paper request subforum. you need to be an active member tho...your status is member still