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SK-N-AS cells - I need your opinion. (May/27/2008 )

We just buy SK-N-AS cells from ATCC. I defrost and cultured the cells in DMEM+SFB10%+NEAA (as recommended). 5 days after that, cells are attached and are growing up. There is not evidence of bacteria nor yeast contamination, but they look strange to me. I have never work with this cell, so I don't know them. I look for pictures in the web and paper and I think they looks different. Moreover, some cells (many) looks grainy.

I attached an image with many picture. So, please, give me your opinion. Are they ok?? If not, what is wrong??!!!!!!!
Help!!! blink.gif

-aztecan princess-

please!! just tell me if they look healty or not. is it posible that grains in the cells like in the first picture are normal??

-aztecan princess-