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learn with discussion - (May/26/2008 )

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QUOTE (julebo @ May 26 2008, 11:14 AM)
My habbit is to learn with discussion. If i read a lot and not discuss its some thing like i forget after closing the book.
Can some one explain me these simple things.

1) what is introduction, give me three basic tips for that.

2) what is review of literature and how to differentiate it from the introductrion.

I shall be very thankful to you.

introduction should be link from the myriads of data of your field of interest to your here presented data and conclusions: it is like a funnel: it begins broad and ends with the the focus on your topic

-The Bearer-

another tip for the literature review is to highlight important points in key reviews (and also check the original reference). i usually remember i saw something important in a paper but can't remember what it is, so this highlighting helps me find it quickly without having to read the whole paper again


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