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Preparation of Estrogen solution - (Sep/07/2004 )

I am not sure if I prepare 17-beta estradiol solution in the right manner. I dissolve it at a concentration of 10 -2 M in absolute ethanol. Is this the right way of doing it? I use it at a final conc of 10 -9M in my cells (MCF-7)

Thanks a lot!!!


It's been a while, but I remember during one of my graduate school rotations that estrogen was dissolved in a food oil. I can't remember which. Check papers by either Sengelaub DR or DonCarlos LL. Oh, and be very very careful with estrogen solutions.


Why be careful of estrogen?
I'm doing a proliferation assay with MCF-7 and estrogen (seeded the cells last night)... what can go wrong? Please, everything else that been associated with this has taken at least a month to get right.... What can go should just shoot myself now.