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embryoid bodies - (May/22/2008 )

Hi everyone!

I'm actually working in mESC differentiation. In my model, the system for this differentiation is through embryonic bodies. During the process I had different problems but finally I'm able to culture and work with this cell type.
But now, I'm in the differentiation step, the last two times my embryonic bodies were formed but I lost them in the recollection phase (when I transferred them to the plate with differentiation medium). The first time the problem was the petri dish type ( I used an adherent dish), and now the problem is that I haven't shaker within the incubator. The question is: can I culture my cells in liquid suspension without shaker? Only with non adherent petri dish...

Thank in advance.



I don't think you need to shake your plates as long as you keep them to low density. Check these protocols:

Especially no.2 PDF right till the end, and the video protocols nos. 8 and 9.