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HEP G2 cells - growth medium - (May/19/2008 )

Dear Friends,

I started to culture HEP G2 cells in DMEM growth medium with 10% FCS, 4500 mg/L D-glucose, 584 mg/L L-glutamine, 110 mg/L sodium pyruvate and 3.7 g/L NaHCO3. First day around 50% of the cells started to float in the medium and in the following day there were only 10% of the cells attached to the flask.

Could anyone suggest me whether I am using the appropriate components in the medium? if not could you please let me know what are all the components should be mixed in the medium...

Awaiting eagerly for your response.




I used DMEM without pyruvate for HepG2, also I supplemented with extra Glutamine to the medium (dilute 5ml 100x to 500ml medium).

Hope this helps.

-Franz K.-

Thank you very much

Is that high concentration of glucose has any effect on growth of HEP G2 cells??