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Disease causing genes - (May/13/2008 )

Hi all

I’m having a few problems on the questions below I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me out and comment on the questions to help me construct an answer.

All help is appreciated and if anyone has any good websites regarding these questions I can look at please let me know. Thanks to all who reply.

What controversies and ethical issues arise from the disclosure of test results for disease-causing genes to family members?

Mutations in protective, tumour suppressor genes, like BRCA1 and BRCA2, can strongly predispose individuals to cancer. Discuss the ramifications that might follow the discovery of cancer susceptibility genes in an individual.

Discuss firstly, the moral arguments that may be used to SUPPORT the production, development, scientific investigation and the use of biological weapons in military and anti-terrorist situations.

Secondly, discuss the moral arguments for the rejection of such ideas.


In regards to question 1-

I have a couple of points for you-

You need to think about what an individual might do differently if they knew that they were carrying a gene that predisposed them to cancer. For example, think about what life decisions a woman might make differently if she thought she had a high risk of dying of cancer, say in her 40s.......think family, think pre-emptive treatments/sugery options.....

And then you need to think about who gets the results, will they be kept private, who might have a vested interest in knowing your health details??

I hope this will steer you in the right direction....


to question #1 you could think about insurance companies, no company will insure people who have genetic predisposition to diseases such as cancer or others.

question #2 who supports the development of biological weapons? blink.gif if i were an economist i'd say i support biological weapon research because it generates jobs and it's a millionarie industry wacko.gif no, i don't support R&D of biological weapons