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HEK293 vs HEK293T - which is better for transfection (May/13/2008 )

I was wondering if my transfections are not working because I'm using the wrong cell line, I have been using HEK293, but is HEK293T better for transient and stable transfection? Also is there a difference with vendors (ie, some have better cell lines? lower passages perhaps?). I'm just getting frustrated with these transfections that do not work. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.




I don`t think there would be a big difference between those two cell lines regarding transfection. It would be better if they are at low passage but you should passage them few times after thawing so they recover.

What does it mean that your transfection does not work?
How do you transfect, what do you transfect, how do you check transfection efficiency? Have you tried other transfection methods? Are you sure that your cells are nice plated and looking happy when you transfect?

You could give some more details so that we can be more helpful:)


It will make a difference if your construct carries a SV-40 enhancer-promoter/rep origin. It should replicate and give higher efficiency. If your construct doesnt have it. then not much difference.