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cytotoxicity - (May/10/2008 )

Hi there,

Just wondering, I calculated the cytotoxicity of rotenone from some ab. readings we got...and i got 6%...does that sound right?...sounds low dsnt it?...we hv a eq. experimental ab-low control/high control-low control*100

we had duplicate wells for background, low, high, vehicle and rotenone wells and an ab. was read for each of them...i calculated the average of each and then into the calculation i put the ex. ab as that of the rotenone well and the low and high as the ab. given for the respective wells...

for the vehicle treated cells, i got a cytotoxicity of do 6% and 2% sound ok for the experiement i carried out?


this is an interesting question.
you ask us if your results sound ok without telling us what you have done?
were you in a haste when you wrote this post or did you sign a confidentiality contract that forbids you to go into detail?

first of all: how should we know what cells youve used. the term cytotoxicity implies that you use cells from an insect, animal or plant. so its neither bacteria nor single cell eukaryotes.

what concentration of rotenone did you use? how did you expect us to answer your question without telling us?
i dont know the toxic endpoints of every pesticide by heart but if youd have said: i have 6% inhibition at 5000ppm or something then i could have said: yes sounds low.

then: how did you measure? some tetrazolium assay?
what did you measure? vitality? inhibition? mortality?

what is a low control and a high control? looking at your equation what you call high control might be the negative control (cells without sample regarded as 100% vital) and what you call low controll might be the blank (wells with medium only).


thanks for replying..buuut chill sound annoyed/pissed off/moody...was just a question...chillll..yes i was in a rush bc i would rather do my work then put up a whole explanation of what i did...i obviously thought what i wrote would be sufficient......I guess not!...anyways doesn't matter now its dn



yeah sorry when i gave the impression of being in a bad mood.
i was bored actually

you know there are just so many threads here that go like "ey i have a problem. what can i do?" without giving details.