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vehicle treated cells? - (May/10/2008 )

Hi there,

What exactly does vehicle treated cells mean? It written in our manuals heaps of times and I never knew what it meant (and nor did I feel the need to know blush.gif blush.gif )...but now I want to and cant find it...does it just mean a control (like with water)?



if your drug is dissolved in 10 ul DMSO then diluted to 1 ml in medium, your vehicle group will be matching solvent in medium without any drug.


you should blush.gif blush.gif


Vehicle treated is control. Vehicle is the same solvent in which your test reagent is dissolved.. could be aqueous or organic: water, saline, ethanol, dmso etc.

so if you have your test compound A dissolved in PBS, and you add 100 ul of it to your 10 cm plate of cells, then, yo ualso have another control plate where you just add 100 ul of PBS.