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How long does the methylation status of a gene last after AZA treatment? - (May/04/2008 )

Recently,I found one gene is silenced in CRC. MSP showed that its promoter is methylated.After 5 days of AZA-dc treatment in a con of 10uM,the gene expressed again.Considering methylation is inheritable,I want to find out how long does the methylation status will last and whether the gene will express for long.
Can I assay the methylation status after another 10 days or 1 month free of AZA?


of course you can perform this experiment, there are a number of papers describing this and i believe the methylation returns once azaC is taken away from the system suggesting other factors for epigenetic memory (such as histone mods)


Thanks a lot for your advice.I will try the experiment and return the results.
Have anyone tried it?