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For the cat lovers - (May/01/2008 )

Okay perhaps a chitchat topic, but is it evolution or rather genetic engineering?



[attachment=4627:toecat.jpg]ok... how sad is it that i have that picture?

love the hemmingway cats.
once they learn to use those opposible thumbs... and the can opener... we're all doomed.



I prefere this cat! tongue.gif

follow me!


For the cat lovers wub.gif

Check out this comic!


QUOTE (zek @ May 5 2008, 10:53 AM)
For the cat lovers wub.gif

Check out this comic!

My favourite cartoon cat is still Fat Freddy's Cat from the Freak Brothers, I don't remember exactly but he has no name, and is an orange tomcat. I must read the stories again.

A wikipedia quote: "The Cat is much smarter than Freddy, and is a sort of hippie Garfield (whom he predates). He tends to regard the Freak Brothers with amused contempt." (Just to come back to Darwinism topics laugh.gif )


I like free cats.[attachment=4961:free_cat.jpg]



come on now, that wasn't necessary


that was NOT funny, actually, it was a bit offensive dry.gif


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