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Can clones have babies? - (May/01/2008 )

Hi there,

My essay got me thinking about the above question...It's prob. a real duhh question but anyways...would say Dolly the sheep have been able to produce offspring...cos if her genetic material only game from one parent...she only has one sex chromosome right? would that mean have of her eggs would have a X chromosome whilst the others didn't?? ooor dithe udder cell from did which dolly was made from contain two X chromosomes? Hope I make sense blush.gif



Dolly had the complete chromosome set. She didn't came from an ovule. The creator of Dolly take out the nucleous of an ovule and introduce the nucleous of a non gametic cell (I think that they used epidermal cells), So the creature was diploid. If I'm not wrong Dolly had normal offspring.


QUOTE (merlav @ May 1 2008, 08:31 AM)
If I'm not wrong Dolly had normal offspring.

She did...several litters actually.