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Taqman experiment wrongly use SYBGReen programme - (Apr/23/2008 )

ph34r.gif blush.gif Today I did a QPCR with taqman but wrongly choose SYBGreen pattern with stratgene QPCR machine, the thermal cycle is right one although. Can I still use the data? What is the principle of detecting signal of SYBGreen or Taqman? The sample is very important, and I do not have enough to run again. stupid me.

Thanks a lot.


I have wrongly labelled a SYBR reaction with FAM detectors before. After the run I was able to go into the setup and change it to the proper SYBR detector and re-analysed the data and it still worked. I went into the plate setup, right clicked the wrongly labelled samples, and went into 'well inspector' and changed the detectors over there, then hit the analyse button again. We are using an Applied Biosystems 7900 machine, so it may be different with the Stratagene machine.