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Can cell debris move? - (Apr/23/2008 )

Hi, all~
I've got a 293T cell from neighbor lab, and there are some tiny black speckels. Just like others posters say, no pH change, no turbidity. These speckels just spin around. The guy told me it's cell debris, and the movement is some kind of Brown motion. But is it true? I can't find these speckels in my other cells.


the guy probably just handed you a contaminated culture
what is it people and brownian motion - seems to be the answer to every cell culture problem on the planet


If you want, you could just wash and put new media (separately from your other cells) and see if those black dots still exist.

As Dominic said, throw them away if you can get them from somewhere else. And remember to check those for mycoplasma




somebody teach me this: try to take a new flask (small flask is sufficient) and take some media with black dots from suspected contaminated culture, culture it in the new flask in minimal number.

observe everyday and see if the numbers of black dots growing... if it is not growing, it might really be cell debris.