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Free and flexible Electronic Laboratory Notebook - free ELN (Apr/21/2008 )

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QUOTE (Alexander Polonsky @ Apr 21 2008, 04:34 PM)
QUOTE (Dominic @ Apr 21 2008, 05:28 PM)
well i'd guessed that - the program looks decently set out but its all online - whats the point - freeware without the free or the ware

(really fast reply btw)

Just curious, what made you think that it's all online? It is not at all the case. It's a software that you download and install locally.

if your saying i can download it for free and use it locally (and complete) then i'l give it a go
(i do like onenote - i have a tablet laptop so i can scribble to my hearts content)

this is almost like a real conversation

btw - less cartoons and more bullet points might sort out the confusion


Hi Dominic,

I was curious to know how you found onenote as an eln... I have tried it in the past and found it quite difficult to keep track of everything and could forsee it being difficult to search for specific details... (ie find that pcr reaction I did ages ago).

How do you organise your notes?

(i should mention that i have a website which does have an ELN but this is not fully developed yet... eventually it will allow emails to be recieved and converted into an eln entry and a pdf file to be downloaded with all eln content. I haven't replyed here to advertise it I have a genuine intrest in how you find onenote.)

i thought this thread was gone


its all about the initial organisation - i have different books for different stuff - methods, results, pictures etc.

it sort of fell by the wayside cos the place i work for gave me an incompatable (rather stupid) computer with none of the same programs which meant cycling in with my laptop everyday.

given the choice tho i would keep microscope files on an external hard drive (together with relevant software for presentations - assuming this dinosaur doesnt corrupt it - its been trying) and would dedicate a onenote book to thumbnails (preceded by a timeline) of said pictures.

the secret is to separate info but have a central spine which connects it all - for me the spine is the timeline which sets out the very basic info on lab or microscope stuff but allows everything else to link in to it - that way i can have books, folders, files on all sorts of stuff.
the other good thing about a timeline is you simply need to look at your watch (calander) to see how up to date it is



Thanks Dom!!!

It seems to me that things can def. get out of control with one note... but it can work well if its organised well to begin with.

Thanks for the feedback!

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