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radioactive? - (Apr/16/2008 )


For RNa andDNA detection after northern and southern blot, what do you use? radioactive probes? dig-probes?

For long time I been using Dig probes, but now I change lab and people here use p32 probes.....I did the training in radiactivity, but I still feel a little uneasy about doing my experiments.
Is the efficiency of detection with radioisotopes that different from Dig?
What do you prefer using? why?

Thanks for your help! blush.gif


i have only used p32, as long as you do everything clean (and make sure that the person who labelled previously didn't leave any contamination) there should be no problem. in the training you had you must have learned all the basics, don't fear, just do it carefully. and be careful on the washes, you might take away all the label, it happened to me blush.gif