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tissue culture of jatropha - tissue culture of biodiesel producing plant (Aug/24/2004 )

Is any one working on tissue culture of jatropha curcas ? I would like to share my findings with you.

-sanket thakur-

Dear Dr. Sanket Thakur,

This msg is in connetion with your invitation to chit chat on Tissue culture of J. curcas. In fact I have been associated with this plant since last two and half years. I have included this plant for my Ph.D. work alongwith other plant species. This being the most difficult plant to deal with for in vitro propagation, I had encountered some basic difficulties in obtaining rooting. When contacted some experts, the reason expressed as genotypic dependency. If you have any protocol for root induction please send me so that I can further my researach in this line. I require to know where exactly the segmentation is to be made for inducing rooting i.e. nodal regions (upper or middle or lower part of the nodes) or internodal regions. Please interact and help me this regard and I'll be grateful to you. If you have any publications,please send me some.

Dr. Ravi Prakash


Dear Dr.Ravi Prakash,

I am intrested to do tissue culture of Jatropha plants,you are working on this plants pls let me know tissue culture procedure and medium which is used by you. I shall highly greatful to you if you reply to me.

Ghanshyam Maurya



Dear Sanket,
We are starting work on Jatropha.
Please share your findings.

Best regards,



Dear all,

We are setting up a Jatropa tissue culture lab. So would like to share information about Jatropa tissue culture with you all and would also like to benefit from your information and experiences. Hope to hear about it more soon.

Warm Regards,


Pls give your contact number,i would like to contact you.

Ghanshyam Maurya