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Please help me with my sonication (gel included)... - I know, everyone asks the same thing, but I'm desperate (Apr/08/2008 )

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Dear all,

i started with chIP and faced enough problems. finally i m at a stage where i could reproduce the data several times and address several questions.

in my protocol i combine two kits from upstate.

step 1 - 17-375 using this kit u donot need to perform sonication, u fragment the chromatin by micrococcal nuclease.
step 2- 17-408 using this kit i perform the chIP with magnetic beads
step 3- isolate DNA using qiagen gel extraction kit perfrom PCR using same volumes of DNA.

after step 1 proceed the section C in the step 2 kit.
if some one is restricted with money, buy the first kit and prepare all buffers for second kit protocol. now i m doing the same, no need to buy new second kit.

gud luk


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