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Phenotypes of Knockouts - (Apr/04/2008 )

I am running RNAi experiments on crustaceans and what I am looking for is a way to guess the function of the gene deleted! Yes I know that is not really possible but what I thought might exist is a database (or similar) listing phenotypes of animals and the corresponding gene that was knocked out (or removed with RNAi, mutagenesis). Mmm, not sure if it is clear what I mean, but something like this

phenotype: dwarf
Type of Defect : growth
Gene affected: growth hormone producing enzyme xxx

Phenotype: blind
Type of defect: neuronal
Gene affected: axo2


There are several databases for gene knockdowns in embryos. Take a look at the and the sites.

At Zfin, go to the Genes/Markers/Clones page:

Select Morpholino (the typical knockdown reagent for zebrafish) and try oep for the gene name.

Good hunting!

-Jon Moulton-

thanks for the answer