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media or cell problem? - (Apr/02/2008 )


I am dealing with HT29 cell line. It has been all ok so far. However, recently i found that the color of my media not changing even though i have not been subculturing for a few days. The cells seem not happy and not growing well. Then i changed media, but i found that the media is still not changing color. Why is that so?


Is anyone else culturing in the same incubator as you?? You may have a problem with the amount of CO2 present??

Also, check the pH of your media to make sure it is right. Could be a faulty batch?? Esp if you make it yourself.


Mycoplasma doesn't change the pH of media that much.


I had the same problem last few weeks. It turns out that our incubator has some problem and couldn't maintain at 37C.
Try to check your incubator's temperature.


we were finding that when something similar happened to us, it was a CO2 level problem. Just give it a quick check with a Fyrite system and see if that helps.


Are the cells growing? Any change in the media or its composition which you have been using.