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HIV Protease Assay - inhibitor selection (Mar/25/2008 )


I am trying to establish an HIV protease assay with patient samples, and I anticipate that contaminating human proteases will be a problem.

I'd like to find several protease inhibitors that do NOT affect HIV protease, in order to reduce the background in this assay. What can you guys suggest?

Alternatively, does anyone know if any of the HIV protease inhibitors are so selective that they don't inhibit human proteases?




Hello Dan

I'am also new on this assay, however we are trying to establish natural products that might be suitable to inhibit HIV-1 protease, but as a test inhibitor invitro we are using pepstatin. Not sure if it does reduce backgorund and will be applicable in humans.

If one could let me understand the how does eDANS/DABCYL FRET peptide links with HIV-protease. I would appreciate it and what appropriate concentration should I use when conductng this assay. "am lost