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Need some advice about microarray of T fusca - (Mar/21/2008 )

Hello, my boss asked me to using microarray to detect the whole gene expression levels in T. fusca (a kind of actinobacterium). I hear some companies have commercial microarrays which are cheap and easy to deal with. I know few about microarray, and would you introduce some valuable companies to me and give some advice about doing with microarray? Thanks a lot.


you can check this website for some info:

design of microarray experiments


microarrays is not something you just get into. it requires some expensive equipment (microarray reader) and specialized software (some expensive, some free).

the arrays can be expensive (~$500us/slide), unless you make your own(?).

you may also want to look in the microarray forum for more info.

we are using agilent for our microarrays and reader and software.