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How Antibiotic Resistant Bugs Became Resistant To Penicillin - and how penicillin could work again (Mar/15/2008 )

For those who won't read the article:

Penicillin makes a bacteria unable to properly construct its cell wall, causing the bacteria to be weak or die completely. Some bacteria have developed a way to construct their cell walls differently so that penicillin is ineffective. The hope is that this new construction method can be disrupted so that the bacteria is once again vulnerable to penicillin.

What these doctors have done is find out exactly how this new construction method works step by step. Now that they know how it works, they can look for ways to disrupt that resistance.


Are there any ethanol resistance bacteria?

-Minnie Mouse-

There are microorganisms that can grow in the presence of up to around 20% ethanol and many tht can use ethanol as a carbon and energy source. Not "resistance" as such.