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Transfection using PEI - Transfection of 16HBE and CFBE cells (Aug/11/2004 )


I am trying to transfect 16HBE and CFBE (human bronchial epithelial cells) with a galactosidase plasmid using the polycation polyethyleneimine(PEI) as a vector.
My problem is that I get extremely low transfection rates 1-0.5%
Is there anyone who has experience with PEI that could give me any tips on how to incrase the transfection rate?


PEI of high MW or low MW? PEI with 25kd works best. Sometime you need to couple PEI to transferin, antibody or ligand to let cells uptake the DNA complex via receptor-mediated endocytosis.

Also, The molar ratio of PEI to DNA need to optmized.