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calculation help - (Mar/10/2008 )

Hi there,

A question which I am unsure on...can some1 please explain how to go about it?

A 4.6 plasmid containing nAChR5 sequence is digested with PST I to releasethen 1.7Kb nAChR5 insert. If you start with 5g of plasmid DNA, how much of the 1.7Kb insert DNA can be isolated from the digested plasmid?

Also say I have 1mL of a 10^4 dilution of a solution and I use only use 100uL, is the dilution factor still 10^4??



let me give you an example.

I have a 10kb plasmid. If I digest with an enzyme, I get 2 fragments 2kb and 8kb.

Now If I digest 1ug of this plasmid, i will get 200ngs of 2kb fragment and 800ngs of 8kb fragment.

Does this make sense?


also - if you dilute some cordial with water in a glass then drink half of it would the act of drinking increase the concentration of the cordial?