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how to sdudy the matter exchanges among cells? - (Mar/10/2008 )

how to sdudy the matter exchanges among cells?

for example, we want to know the mechanism , that the matters of tumor cells entering into the natural cells, which will make natural cells to be tumor cells.

-Li Xin-

just a guess but you could try growing one cell type with a general label of some form then growing them with the other cells and look for the label in the new cells

vague answer for a vague question



i want to study on the tumor metastasis through mass exchanges between tumor cells and natural cells,

we think that there must be some factors inducing tumor in tumor cells, so through the mass exchanges (mainly from tumor cells to natural cells) the tumor occurs.

-Li Xin-

try my first idea under a flourescance microscope on time lapse - the dye will have to be of your choosing

thats assuming you can grow both cell types in tissue culture

good luck

(i'll be honest i think the answer will be a bit more complicated than whole matter transfer - you'll probably have to single out parts of the cell next)



thanks for you suggestions!

-Li Xin-