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journal article help please...... - (Mar/08/2008 )

Hi there,

so im writing up a lab report on different methods of DNA quantification-gel/genequant/DIG-system and I have to use journal articles in my report...for the past like nearly 2 hours i have been searching the databases and journal artilces trying to find me some help but to no avail!!!!!! (i found one article that was done in like 1992 but we have to have like post 2003 articles) can someone pleeeeeeeeease direct me to sum relevant journal articles...please dont say something like "just type in gel electrophoresis and ull find sumthing" cos i did and nothing useful any help is sooooooooooooooooooo verry much appreciated!!!!



Go to the Roche site for the DIG manual, should be some help there. I suspect that the Genequant will also have a website. There probably won't be references post '03 for quantifying off a gel, that is pretty much an old technique. Check out Sambrook, et al. "Molecular cloning - a laboratory manual" for methods of that. Probably will be in the local uni library.