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DNA Methylation Analysis - MeDIP (Mar/07/2008 )

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I was just wondering if anyone had ever used the Epigentek Methylamp Methylated DNA Capture Kit?

Thanks, Paula


Hi Paula,

I haven't used this kit but as an alternative method you can also use Weber's method (Nature genetics, 2005) and save you quite a bit of money ...




Thanks for the reply we're going to try a kit before we do a full order and I also have that paper so hopefully give that a try to see how it compares.



not only would it save you money, it also saves on the starting material. Only 1ug of starting DNA required.

we are about to test the kit as well. Look forward to the results in the near future.



Any word on the results? i am curious as to how well some of these kits from epigentek work. I have not seen any published literature that utilizes the kits.


We have just tested this kit on some samples and it seems to be working really well we rant he samples on affy promoter arrays and it's reproducible.,

we have also tested the global methylation kits and are still testing them as it seems the kit is far more sensitive than claimed.