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Mouse aortic ring assay - (Mar/07/2008 )


has anybody tried to test vessel outgrowth from mouse aortas?

I tried it in Matrigel, but no vessels grow out after two weeks.

Has anybody any suggestions?


i am suffering from the same trouble. dry.gif


Did you have any outgrowth yet?

Do you know how much tissue I have to remove from the aorta? I only remove the peri-adventitial fatty tissue. But one review said, that you have to remove the adventitia. I think that is impossible.

So far, only lots of fibroblasts grow out!


1. Fibroblasts start growing immediately, whereas smooth muscle cells take about 2 weeks, so just wait.

2. Cut open the aortic ring, tease out the intimal layer with fine forceps to about half thickness of the aorta, this will reduce adventitial fibroblast content in your culture.

3. Also culture the remaining adventitial half separately, where you would see mainly (or only) fibroblasts outgrowth. This will let you compare the cell morphology and help in selecting the intimal cultures with most smooth muscles.