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Bacteria culture protocols - (Mar/03/2008 )

Hello everyone,
i'm a sophomore, and has been in a microbiology lab for a semester now.
How ever, i really know pretty poorly about microbial culture methods and media.
So far, in our lab, we use BHI, TSA, Mueller hinton II agar.
Other than these commerically ready recipes, all i have used are the recipes that are used by other seniors who were in the lab before.

Are there any big books or protocol lists that has documented which media recipes for which bacteria or virus??
And why if possible.

Also, if i could find some books about microbiology lab skills would be great, like culturing skills, sterilizing skills

Thank you for all your help


If you are looking for a list for microbiology media recipies, I check out the " Handbook of Microbiological Media, Third Edition by Ronald M. Atlas. It is a very big big list of microbiology media, ~5000 recipies. However it does not however give the 'why' something is used, only that this medium is used to grow X species/family of microb.


Thank you, perneseblue

i've found the book, very interesting
thanks alot


The Difco Manual also has thousands of culture medium recipes (which they also sell, not coincidentally). For specific organisms, ATCC lists recommended media in their description of the strain. See


Well Davince, if you want me too, I can give you some books about microbiology?

I have them in pdf so I can send them to you or host them on a website so you can download them.