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stable transfection ratio - (Feb/29/2008 )

i preformed a stable transfection with two plasmids at the same time. However, the plasmid ratio was 1:10. Does that means that for every one insertion of plasmid 1, i will get 10 insertions into the same cell?



In an ideal situation it may be the case, but I not quiet sure the proportion holds true as transfection and integration are very complicated events, let along that one of the plasmid may be positively or negatively selected out due to the effect as a result from the protein that it expresses from.

People normally do so to ensure cell clonies esatblished from the plasmid that contains a selection marker, which is added at a ratio of 1, will be more likely to carry the co-transfected plasmid, which is added at a ratio of 9.