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HBV infection ? - plz pour ur knowledge.. (Feb/22/2008 )

hello All,
i have a question that is twisting my mind... wacko.gif
regarding Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection;
what is the order for the antibodies/antigens appearing...???
we have :

    surface antigen/antibody
    envelope antigen/antibody
    core antigen/antibody
if we have to test the genotype for this virus in a patient,but after doing the test it appears that there is no bands on the there is no infection...but doing antigen test,the patient has surface antigen in his body..!!!
an interpretation was;
this patient is not infected now --------from the fact that there is no genotype.
the patient was infected --------from the fact that he has surface antigen.( it is hard to be eliminated from the body )

can anyone tell me how mush true is this ????
and could you plz recommend a good virology book clarifying these points ???


There is a nice figure in Wikipedia ( ). Hope that helps.

-Bungalow Boy-

thanks Bungalow Boy for the website.. smile.gif
it gave me links to other sites also...

as written,the ptn will be a carrier...( having HBsAg +ve,HBeAg -ve )
but we didn't get any HBV genotype from his sample which
means that there is no virus anymore..isn't it ??

looking forward your help !!