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What are the cells comprising PBMC?? - (Aug/02/2004 )

Hi guys!

I would like to know where to find a list of all the known cells comprising the PBMC, since the most cited are the T cells (helper, cytotoxic; resting, active), monocytes, natural killers, B cells, etc. wacko.gif

Another questions: Helper T cells subdivide in resting and active: it is the same for memory and naive?? Cytotoxic T cells subdivide in the equal way?
What about the subdivision ins NK???

Thanks for your feedback!!!



blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) refers to blood cells having a round shaped nucleus (i.e. lymphocytes and Monocytes). The larger populations are the lineage populations like the lymphocytes (B and T), the monocytes, NK cells and the granulocytes (basophil, eosinophil and neutrophil). And than there are several other cells like the uncommitted CD34+ cells and blood dendritic cells. But these are found in very low percentages.

Hope it helps.