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Methods for mechanical disruption of cell - (Jul/27/2004 )


quelqu'un aurait quelques trucs pour briser des cellules (lymphocytes) mécaniquement et de façon efficace?

J'ai de la difficulté à obtenir une lyse complète de mes cellules alors je voudrais essayer 2 ou 3 techniques consécutives.



Hi all!
This is not a reply, but I thought I'd translate the question so maybe someone will be able to help Sebela:)
Question goes something like (my french is not 100%):
"does anyone have any efficient methods for mechanical disruption of cells (lymphocytes)? I'm having problems in getting complete lysis of my cells so I'd like to try 2 or 3 methods consecutively"

Bon chance Sebela!


How about using sonicator. Either that or you can try freeze thaw the cells.


I try freeze thaw the cells, and sonication independently but it's seem to don't work, or maybe my conditions of sonications is not good...I don't know very well this methods. I'm just afraid to broke my protein. I try seringe too but I have yet cells in the bottom of my tube.

Thanks for the translation, my english is not 100% too, and i could say 60%, just for past the exams of canada. It' s why a try in french first