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contamination of my culture? - (Jan/30/2008 )

Hi everyone, I have a problem here. I cultured recombinant E. coli JM109 using LB and M9 medium with a two-stage culture. I dont know why and how my culture turned into green color. I observed them under microscope and they seems to be fine. I think it shouldnt be contaimination as i added two antibiotic (Amp and Km). Besides, not all the culture turn green. unsure.gif


How's your aseptic technique?



sounds like Psuedomonas - gram - rod, some strains turn green


Ahhhh, the green culture.
In my lab we call it the "St. Parick's day fungus".
It's a fungus (we haven't established exactly what type) that is bright green.
The interesting thing is that if you grow this fungus on its own and shake the tube it gets brighter!!!
Anyway, its a fungal contamination and if its in your culture you need to start over or use fungazone.
It sounds like you have the same problem as we had.